Priya and Nakesh’s Australian Partner Visa Success

Priya and Nakesh’s Australian Partner Visa Success

About the Applicants:

Priya came to me for a face-to-face consultation while looking for professional advice regarding her Partner Visa application.

I remember we had a long consultation as she was not aware of the eligibility, process, supporting evidence and timelines.

She and her partner Nikesh had been in a relationship for a few months. They were totally committed to each other and had plans to go to India to get married the following year. I recommended her to apply for Partner visa application based on a registered relationship and get into the queue for processing.

The Visa Context:

I explained to her that Partner Visa queues are long and apart from being in 12-month de-facto relationship or being married, registering relationship can also be the legal base for making a valid Partner Visa application. She was very happy with the advice and she and her partner Nikesh immediately started the process of relationship registration in Queensland, (where they lived).

Successful Visa Outcome:

We applied for the visa application and she was granted a Bridging Visa that allowed her full-work rights and a Medicare Card.

After a few months as planned there were married in India, we promptly uploaded their marriage evidence to the application.

Priya received her temporary visa grant without any request for further information as her visa application was front loaded with all required documents and evidence. I am happy that I gave them a creative solution to Priya’s situation and helped her to get the Partner Visa quickly.

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