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Global Talent Pathway

Where Global Talent Meets Australian Innovation

The Global Talent Pathway can be applied through the Global Talent Independent Program. This could be  your pathway to harness global opportunities and enhance Australia’s thriving sectors. Designed for individuals with exceptional talent, the program offers permanent residency, allowing you to bring your skills to one of the most prosperous, safe, and culturally diverse nations in the world.

In November 2019, the Australian government launched the Global Talent Independent Program (GTIP). The program is designed to attract skilled professionals and researchers in the future-focused target sectors. The program was launched with an aim to boost Australia’s innovation and technological advancement as well as fill crippling labour shortages in these sectors

About the Global Talent Program

For the FY 2023-24, there is a quota of 5000 PR places for the Global Talent Pathway. So, in this year, 5000 PRs will be granted and you could be one of them. Australia isn’t just a lifestyle destination but also a hub of innovation and growth, fostering strong business opportunities across ten future-focused sectors. This program welcomes skilled individuals, business owners and researchers across an extensive array of key sectors—from Technology and Clean Energy to Advanced Manufacturing and Finance—Australia invites visionaries and experts to contribute to and thrive within its robust economy. To apply for the Global Talent Pathway, an expression of interest needs to be submitted and approved by a case officer.  Ten Heads Immigration Consultants are your trusted partner in navigating the Global Talent Independent Program Visa. Our expertise in this Pathway is second to none, and we are committed to helping you unlock the doors to a promising future in Australia.

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Global Talent Visa (Subclass 858)

Designed for individuals with exceptional talent, the program offers permanent residency, allowing you to bring your skills to one of the most prosperous, safe, and culturally diverse nations in the world.

Distinguished Pathway

Targeted at individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in arts, sports, their profession, or research. The application process is direct yet highly competitive, with a limited annual quota of 300 permanent residency slots.

Ideal candidates include international-level athletes, world-renowned artists, entrepreneurs, business owners, pioneering researchers, exceptional scientists, or acclaimed professionals.

Our team of Registered Migration Agents are available to assist in navigating the complex application process, providing tailored advice and support for preparing your application.

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Basic Process:

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Eligibility Criteria for the Global Talent Independent Program Visa:

High Talent and current prominence: You must be highly talented, an exceptional achiever and currently prominent talented, an exceptional achiever and currently prominent in one of the nominated sectors.

Prove to be an asset for Australia: You have the right skills and talent to be an exceptional contributor to Australia in your sector.

Ability to get established in Australia: You need to provide evidence that you will find employment or become independent in your area of expertise without any difficulty – in Australia.

Income Threshold: You must be currently earning, or likely to earn, at or above the Fair Work high-income threshold, which is AUD $167,52,000 per year.

Sector-Specific Experience

Your skills and experience should be highly relevant to one of the following sectors:

Age Requirement: Applicants must be between 18 years to 55 years but you can seek an exemption if you have the ability to bring exceptional benefit to Australia.

English Language Proficiency: You need to provide evidence that you have a functional level of English, which can be demonstrated through a letter from your school, college or University stating your medium of study. You can also sit for an approved English test. Pl note that all co-applicants above the age of 18 years also need to fill-up this requirement.

Clean Criminal Record: Applicants must not have a criminal history that poses a risk to the Australian community.

Health Requirement: All applicants should be able to pass the health exam.

Nomination: You need to be nominated by an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, eligible New Zealand citizen or a peak industry body in Australia.

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Global Talent Visa FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Australian PR is a visa that allows you to live and work in Australia as a Permanent Resident (PR). A Permanent Resident has no restrictions and enjoys all benefits as an Australian citizen except for a few rights like voting rights, working in defence, etc. As a PR you have access to Australia’s free medical insurance scheme, free education for children till grade 12, access to social security/welfare payments, domestic fees for University/college courses etc. As a PR – you are eligible to sponsor eligible relatives to migrate to Australia. You can also choose to apply for Australian citizenship and an Australian passport – after you have lived in Australia as a PR for 4 years.

You have a track record of high achievements in the above target sectors either as a professional, researcher or a recent graduate

You should still be prominent in your field of expertise

– You would prove to be an asset to Australia in your area of expertise

You would be easily employable or can start your own firm – in your area of expertise

Your current salary is above the high-income threshold in Australia i.e. AUD 167,500 or you are expected to get a salary above AUD 167,500 in Australia.

An Australian citizen, Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, or an organization in your area of expertise has to nominate you. The nominator also should be prominent in the same field as you. For an organization to nominate you, the accepted organizations are the peak industry bodies in Australia in your field.

Yes, your partner and your children can get permanent residency with you. Your partner may be married to you or in a live-in relationship with you. There are other criteria to be fulfilled for proving that the relationship is genuine. Children above 18 years may still be included in your application if they fulfill certain criteria.

These cohorts of applicants can access PR through GTIP:

Experienced Professionals

Researchers and Scientists

Professionals in leadership positions

Entrepreneurs/Business owners

PhD graduates with exceptional track record of success

You can be in or out of Australia to apply for this visa.
No, you do not need to get a job offer in Australia to be eligible for this visa. The visa is granted on the basis of your talent in the target sector.
You should be between 18 years to 55 years when you apply and be granted the Global Talent visa. But if you have the ability to bring exceptional benefit to Australia, then you could still be granted the visa if you do not between this age limit. There are some health or police issues with me or my family? Not all health issues or police issues lead to a refusal. Pl book an initial consultation with our Registered Migration Agents to discuss.
We can help you find that out. You can book a consultation with our Registered Migration Agent, who will check your eligibility and then be able to assist you to apply for the PR visa through GTIP.

You are eligible to be assessed for the Partner visa – Permanent Residency visa – 2 years after the Partner visa application is made. 

If you are in a long-term relationship*, you may be eligible to be assessed for Permanent Residency at the same time as the assessment of your Temporary visa* application. 

*Long-term relationship is – if you are in a relationship for at least three years (or two years if you have a child from the relationship) 

A sponsor can only sponsor two partners for a Partner visa application in their lifetime. In addition, your sponsor should not have sponsored the previous partner within the last 5 years. There can be exemptions provided – in very limited circumstances. 

It is less likely that you will be interviewed. 

If the case officer has residual doubts regarding your case, then you, your sponsor and other witnesses/friends and family may be interviewed. 

Yes, you can notify the Department that you will need an interpreter- if you are more comfortable in your own language. 

Yes, there are two primary benefits of applying for a Partner visa onshore*.  

  1. You may be eligible to be granted a Bridging visa when you apply for the Partner visa onshore. The Bridging visa lets you stay in Australia while your Partner visa is being processed. 
  2. You may be eligible to apply for a review application through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal – if your visa application is refused. 

*There are some pre-requisites to applying a Partner visa onshore and these can be checked on a case-by-case basis. So, it is highly recommended to take complete advice from a Registered Migration Agent. 

A relationship is between two adults so if your family do not support your relationship, you are still eligible to apply for a Partner visa application. The key is to provide supporting statements by family/friends – who support your relationship. Further advice can be provided on a case-by-case basis. 

The top three reasons that a Partner visa is refused are: 

  1. Genuine and continuing: The case officer was not convinced that the relationship is genuine and continuing. 
  2. Lack of evidence: There was not sufficient evidence related to the 4 pillars of a Partner relationship. 
  3. Health issues of applicant or character issues of applicant or sponsor. 

You may be eligible for a Merit’s review through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Kindly note that if you are eligible to apply for the review application, you will only have a limited period to apply for the review application. 

The Departmental officers prefer decision-ready applications so we always recommend our clients to complete the medicals and submit the police checks as soon as possible after submitting the visa application. 

Many partners who come to us have some degree of complexity in their cases. Australian Migration Law and policy is highly complex and mostly has fixed rules. It is best to seek advice from a Registered Migration Agent. 

We can help by firstly, setting up a consultation with our Registered Migration Agent – who will understand the complete case and provide step-by-step instructions. 

We also help by providing complete document checklists and templates – so a decision ready application can be submitted. 

We also help by handholding till the final processing of the application.