Mae’s Global Talent Independent Visa Success

Mae’s Global Talent Independent Visa Success

About the Applicants:

Mae and Rob were introduced by a common friend. They wanted to start their Australia PR application. Mae was working in a senior position in Mining. They were already aware that they may still be too late as Mae was approaching her 45th birthday in the next 6 months or so. Since skilled migration has an age limit of 45 years we needed to act quickly. Her skill assessment was done on fast track and then we waited for Mae to get a high English score. Unfortunately, because of Mae’s busy schedule, she could not prepare for the test and did not get an appropriate score. She did not get an invitation for the visa as her points were not competitive. She also celebrated her 45th birthday.  Explained to Mae and Rob the options after 45 years. She was still eligible for a work visa that could potentially lead her to a PR in Australia. She started looking for an employer who will give her a job and nominate her and her family for the visa.

The Visa Context:

Then, the Global talent Independent Program (GTI) was launched in Australia. Highly accomplished professionals from 7 key sectors could be invited to apply for PR through the GTI. We made a list of all clients and prospects, who could be eligible. Mae was one of the first people that I approached for assistance with the GTI. She had high achievements in Mining and according to our research, she stood an exceptionally good chance as that she will be invited to apply for PR.

Successful Visa Outcome:

Long story short, the GTI team invited her to apply for PR and we received Mae’s and her family’s PR grant within 3 months of starting the process.

When I spoke to them this month, they were looking at buying their first house in Australia.

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