Sumit and Deepti’s Skilled Visa Success Story

Sumit and Deepti's Skilled Visa Success Story

About the Applicants:

Sumit spoke to me in 2016. I had already migrated to Australia with my family on one of the skilled visas as a permanent resident. I had also completed my Migration Law course and started a Migration firm.

Sumit was a HR Manager with a leading private Bank in India and my recruitment firm in India had helped him with umpteen recruitment drives. We had an amazing professional relationship and out of the trust that was born in our previous work together, he wanted me to assist with his and his family’s migration to Australia.

His wife Deepti was a practicing Doctor in India and they had done some research on the kind of career and earning potential available for someone with her skills in Australia. But unexpectedly for them, migration as a Doctor was a very difficult task. She had to complete two tests, one interview and secure a job in Australia to get a temporary work visa. She then had to work in Australia as a Doctor for 1 year before being eligible to apply for Permanent Residency.

The Visa Context:

I provided them with an alternate route to migrate making Sumit the primary applicant. I explained the process, sent them an email with Stage-wise cost estimate. At this stage, they still had to talk to their parents about this decision – so they did not start the process asap.

They then again approached me after about a year. Australian Migration had become more competitive – but after a lot of research – I found an option for them to migrate. Again, the solution was to make Sumit the primary applicant. Deepti and their children will apply as a family unit of Sumit and be granted the same visa.

I explained that they still had good chances of success but they need to start the process asap, which they did. Long story short, they were granted permanent residency through Subclass 190 visa in April 2018. 

Successful Visa Outcome:

Both Sumit, Deepti and their children were over the moon. They initiated Deepti’s process of working as a Pediatrician in Australia. Sumit moved first to secure a job and set up a home. Deepti and their children followed suit. They are still in touch and am happy to see that they have successfully integrated into their careers in Australia.

I am happy that I was instrumental in their Australian Migration Success Story.

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