Key Migration Law and Policy Changes in the Australian Federal Budget 2024

Summary of Changes to Migration Law and Policy -
Australian Federal Budget 2024

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Key Changes in the Permanent Migration Program 

Increased Planning Horizon:

  • The 2024-25 permanent Migration Program is set at 185,000 places, with about 71% allocated to the Skill stream. The rest is mostly allocated to the Family stream (Parent, Partner and Child visas)
  • From 2025-26, the planning horizon will extend from one year to four years, ensuring better management of the migration system.


Reduced Net Overseas Migration:

  • Net overseas migration is estimated to reduce by 110,000 people from 1 July 2024, halving from 528,000 in 2022-23 to 260,000 in 2024-25. 
Migration System Reforms 

Funding for Reform:

  • The government will allocate $18.3 million over four years to reform Australia’s Migration system.
  • This includes $15.0 million for information and education activities for migrant workers and $1.9 million for a data-matching pilot between the Department of Home Affairs and the Australian Taxation Office.


Staffing and Efficiency:

  • Significant investment in staffing for Services Australia and the Department of Home Affairs to improve service delivery and visa processing times.
Enhancements in Southeast Asia Engagement 

Additional Funding:

  • The government will invest $505.9 million over five years to enhance engagement with Southeast Asia, including improving visa access for ASEAN member countries and Timor-Leste. 
Work and Holiday Visa Updates 

New Ballot Process:

  • Introduction of a visa pre-application (ballot) process for China, Vietnam, and India from 2024-25 to manage demand and application processing times.


Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-professionals Scheme (MATES):

  • New program for Indian nationals starting 1 November 2024, providing a mobility pathway for 3,000 graduates and early career professionals.
Introduction of National Innovation Visa 

Replacing Global Talent Visa:

  • From late 2024, the National Innovation Visa will replace the Global Talent Visa, targeting exceptionally talented migrants to drive growth in key sectors.
  • The Australian Government is introducing a new visa program aimed at providing a permanent residency pathway for the most exceptionally talented migrants. This includes high-performing entrepreneurs, major investors, and renowned global researchers. The National Innovation visas issued in 2024-25 will fall under the Global Talent visa Program.
  • To ensure a smooth transition to the National Innovation visa, the Department of Home Affairs will support all applicants, including those who have already applied for the Global Talent visa. Rest assured, existing Global Talent visa applicants will not be negatively impacted by this transition.


Ceasing of BIIP:

  • The Business Innovation and Investment visa program (BIIP) will cease from July 2024 onwards. Business owners and entrepreneurs can still access other programs like Global Talent or Skilled visas to migrate to Australia.
Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Adjustment 

Reduced Work Experience Requirement:

  • The work experience requirement for the Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) visa will be reduced from two years to one year from 23 November 2024.
Establishment of the Administrative Review Tribunal 

Addressing Backlogs:

  • $1.0 billion over five years to establish the new Administrative Review Tribunal (ART) and address backlogs in the federal courts.
Reforms to Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services 

Enhanced Support:

  • $120.9 million over five years to improve settlement services and promote better economic and social outcomes for refugees and migrants.


Targeted Programs: 

  • Continued support for youth, women, and Afghan humanitarian entrants through various targeted programs.

These recent updates reflect the government’s efforts to improve the migration system, enhance economic engagement, and ensure the well-being of migrants. 

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