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For most of us, COVID-19 pandemic has brought our life plans to a standstill. The border closures have had a significant impact on net overseas migration to Australia in 2019-20. The economic impact of the pandemic has been equally devastating.

The good news is that Australian government has confirmed that migration will be a key component of Australia’s economic recovery in the next financial year. The planning levels for new permanent residency will also stay the same as last year – at 160,000 for 2020-21.

So, what do you do ‘NOW’ if you are planning to apply for Australian Skilled Migration Visas (Example Subclass 189/190/491).

The advice is to plan early for your success.

Here are a few things that you can do now:

  1. Preparing a Migration Strategy or Road map is the most important first step. You can hire a competent and experienced Registered Migration Agent (MARA Agent) to process your case.

  2. Collect all your documents. For most of the applications, basic documents like identity, qualifications and experience documents are required.

  3. Apply for skill assessment – All skill assessment bodies have been accepting and processing applications – throughout the pandemic.

  4. Strive to get high scores in the English test for you and if applicable for your spouse as well. Sitting for a NAATI test can also increase your points and should be considered. If you have studied in Australia, you may be eligible to get extra points after completing a Professional year. Getting more work experience can increase your points, too.

  5. If you are eligible for Subclass 189 (PR) visa, the Australian government is still giving invitations to applicants every month.

What we can do to support your Australian PR Journey

1. Do a *FREE CONSULTATION and check visa eligibility.  

2. Give you a Stage-wise COST ESTIMATE.

3. Assist with the complete PROCESS. 

4. Give you HONEST & COMPETENT advice at all stages.

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